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लम्बकर्ण lambakarNa m. demon
पावक pAvaka m. false black pepper  [ Embelia Ribes - Bot. ]
मुष्ट muSTa n. theft
पालयति { पाल् } pAlayati { pAl } verb denom. protect
वर्तयति { वृत् } vartayati { vRt } verb caus. cause to move
देवार्हा devArhA f. Indian hemp  [ Sida Rhomboidea - Bot. ]
मार्ष mArSa m. Elephant-Head Amaranth  [ Amaranthus tricolor - Bot. ]
श्वेतखदिर zvetakhadira m. white variety of the khadira tree  [ Acacia Catechu - Bot. ]
किं भोः कोलाहलः kiM bhoH kolAhalaH sent. What is the noise there about?
पित्तघ्नी pittaghnI f. Heart-Leaved Moonseed  [ Cocculus cordifolius - Bot. ]
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