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वृषभ vRSabha m. velvet bean  [ Mucuna pruriens - Bot. ]
प्रकॢप्तत्व praklRptatva n. progress
सरल sarala m. grey peacock-pheasant  [ Pavo Bicalcaratus - Zoo. ]
कुशलप्रश्न kuzalaprazna m. saying 'how do you do?' on meeting someone.
लोहित lohita m. purple yam  [ Dioscorea Purpurea -  Bot. ]
परिव्राजी parivrAjI f. East Indian globe thistle  [ Sphaeranthus indicus - Bot. ]
पीवन् pIvan m. medicinal plant known for psychedelic effects  [ Desmodium Gangeticum - Bot. ]
राक्षसेश्वर rAkSasezvara m. demon-king
तृणशीता tRNazItA f. Asiatic dayflower  [ Commelina salicifolia - Bot. ]
कुलवर्णा kulavarNA f. species of the plant morning glory with red blossoms  [ Convolvulus - Bot. ]
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