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#1 2013-05-15 10:19:47

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Major dictionary update - fixing errors in spelling, sandhi, etc.

There have been some new updates this week:

1) All the [English] spelling errors have been rectified. That is, spelling now conforms to British/American/Canadian spelling.

2) All the Botanical and Zoological names have been identified with common names. There are a few unresolved ones still (my attempts to resolve these were not successful). If you encounter an unresolved one in the dictionary and know its common name and/or currently used Latin name for the species, let us know. Of course, I need some authoritative source to go with it - personally vouching for it wont help! :-)

3) All intra-word sandhi errors have been rectified. E.g., saMdhi -> sandhi. While a good number of folks dont mind this, PANini does! (See परसवर्णसन्धिः in most Sanskrit grammar book.)

This has been slow and time-consuming task. I am sure there are still some stragglers which I missed. If you spot any, do let us know.



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