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#1 2013-11-05 07:48:29

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Help me correct the unique Sanskrit Mantra, please...


On a portal site of Hinduism I found a Surya mantra that I think to be genuine and basically trustworthy. However there may be a few errors in the English version, shown as follows:

Surya Mantra for Radiant Eyes

First Three obvious mistakes I'd like to correct and gain your support are:

1)chakra/cakra: the latter is right; there is NO chakra in Sanskrit.

2)saptanshu/saptaamshu: the latter is right!

3)Kroum/Krom: the latter is right?

If there are any more errors in the English version(I basically trust its Sanskrit version and its source), please point it out as well.

Now the real confusion is ruDha(ya): there's only ruuDha in Sanskrit dictionary, and it has multiple meanings(And I don't know which one may apply to the mantra). If I stick to the principle that all Sanskrit mantras are meaningful, then even the Sanskrit word should be corrected.

Which should I adopt? ruDha(ya) or ruuDha(ya)? Please kindly advise. Thanks a lot.

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