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पीत pIta m. yellow pigment prepared from the urine of cows
प्रतिपद्यते { प्रतिपद् } pratipadyate { pratipad } verb set forth
हेमपुष्प hemapuSpa m. Indian laburnum tree  [ Cassia fistula - Bot. ]
स्वादुकण्ट svAdukaNTa m. marsh barbel  [ Asteracantha Longifolia - Bot. ]
धूपार्ह dhUpArha n. 2 kinds of Agallochum or agarwood  [ aromatic resin embedded wood ]
वृत vRta adj. enveloped
प्रपुंनाट prapuMnATa m. Sickle Wild Sensitive-plant or Candle Bush  [ Cassia Tora or Alata - Bot. ]
कर्स् दत्ते { दा } kars datte { dA } verb 3 rest the cheek on the hand
दामोदर dAmodara m. name of a sacred river
वाम vAma m. lamb's quarters plant  [ Chenopodium album - Bot. ]
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