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प्राज्ञ prAjJa adj. wise
प्रज्ञ prajJa adj. wise
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. intelligence
प्राज्ञ prAjJa m. learned man
प्राज्ञ prAjJa adj. clever
प्रज्ञ prajJa adj. prudent
प्रज्ञ prajJa adj. conversant with
प्राज्ञ prAjJa adj. intellectual
प्रज्ञ prajJa adj. knowing
प्राज्ञ prAjJa adj. intelligent
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. understanding
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. discrimination
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. knowledge
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. Wisdom personified as the goddess of arts and eloquence  [ i.e. SarasvatI ]
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. judgement
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. mental attitude
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. particular zakti or energy
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. insight
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. device
प्रज्ञा prajJA f. mental disposition
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