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विकल्पते { विकॢप् } vikalpate { viklRp } verb 1 be irresolute
विषघा viSaghA f. moonseed plant   [ Menispermum Cordifolium or Cocculus Cordifolius - Bot. ]
श्रायति { श्रा } zrAyati { zrA } verb 1 4 cook
अधःस्थित adhaHsthita adj. situated below
धौताञ्जली dhautAJjalI f. sort of lotion or wash for eyes
सीधुगन्ध sIdhugandha m. Spanish cherry tree  [ Mimusops Elengi - Bot. ]
वर्तते { वृत् } vartate { vRt } verb 1 have illicit intercourse with
शुभकरी zubhakarI f. Sami tree  [ Prosopis Spicigera - Bot. ]
विकल्पयति { विकॢप् } vikalpayati { viklRp } verb caus. form
व्यडम्बक vyaDambaka n. castor oil plant  [ Ricinus Communis - Bot. ]
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