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परस्परम् parasparam ind. one another's
अन्योढा anyoDhA f. another's wife
परयोषित् parayoSit f. another's wife
परोढा paroDhA f. another's wife
परच्छन्द paracchanda m. another's will
परपरिग्रह paraparigraha m. another's wife
परतल्प paratalpa m. another's wife
परकलत्र parakalatra n. another's wife
परस्वत्व parasvatva n. another's right
परवेश्मन् paravezman n. another's house
अन्यार्थ anyArtha m. another's affair
परधन paradhana n. another's wealth
परवित्त paravitta n. another's wealth
परहित parahita n. another's welfare
परपरिग्रह paraparigraha m. another's property
परभूषण parabhUSaNa n. another's ornament
परद्रव्य paradravya n. another's property
अन्ययज्ञ anyayajJa m. another's sacrifice
आत्मभूत AtmabhUta adj. become another's self
परान्नभोजिन् parAnnabhojin adj. eating another's food
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