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तथापि नूतनं इव प्रतिभाति tathApi nUtanaM iva pratibhAti sent. Still it appears to be new.
लोहितगङ्गम् lohitagaGgam ind. where the Ganges appears red
बुद्धक्षेत्र buddhakSetra n. country in which a Buddha appears
यथोपपादिन् yathopapAdin adj. the first that appears to be the best
जाग्रत्प्रपञ्च jAgratprapaJca m. world as it appears to one who is awake
मांस् mAMs n. it appears only in the following compounds
एकविभक्ति ekavibhakti adj. that which appears throughout in one and the same case
सभागत sabhAgata adj. one who appears before or is present at a court of justice
अन्यथाख्याति anyathAkhyAti f. assertion that something is not really what it appears to be according to sensual perception
भाविक bhAvika n. figure of speech which consists in describing the past or future so vividly that it appears to be present
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