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अष्टक aSTaka n. byte  [ computer ]
मृत्तरी mRttarI f. by car
उपविधि upavidhi m. by-law
लोकयानेन lokayAnena phrase by bus
अतिक्रान्त atikrAnta ppp. bygone
पञ्चशः paJcazaH indecl. by fives
रात्रौ rAtrau indecl. by night
नवश navaza m. by nines
सम्बन्ध sambandha m. relation  [ e.g. by marriage ]
पुनर्दर्शनाय punardarzanAya phrase good-bye
मया दृष्ट mayA dRSTa adj. seen by me
विमनेन vimanena ind. by airplane
न कथमपि na kathamapi indecl. by no means
नहि nahi indecl. by no means
मौखिक maukhika adj. by the mouth  [ i.e., words ]
युष्मादत्त yuSmAdatta adj. given by you
सर्वथा sarvathA adverb by all means
हस्तग्राह hastagrAha m. taken by hand
सुखयानेन sukhayAnena phrase by luxury bus
लोकयानेन गच्छामः lokayAnena gacchAmaH sent. Let's go by bus.
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