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परिचर्या paricaryA f. circumambulation
प्रदक्षिन pradakSina n. circumambulation  [ in clockwise direction ]
द्वादशावर्त dvAdazAvarta m. form of salutation involving 12 circumambulations
प्रादक्षिण्य prAdakSiNya n. circumambulation while keeping one's right side towards an object
प्रदक्षिण pradakSiNa adj. circumambulation from left to right of a person or object as a kind of worship
सप्तपदि saptapadi n. circumambulation of the nuptial fire by the bride and bridegroom in seven steps  [ Hindu marriage ceremony ]
सोमसूत्रप्रदक्षिणा somasUtrapradakSiNA f. circumambulation around ziva's idol in such a way as that the somasUtra shall not be crossed
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