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त्रयी trayI f. three Vedas taken collectively
एकीभूय ekIbhUya adverb collectively
साकल्येन sAkalyena adverb collectively
सङ्घशः saGghazaH adverb collectively
सम्भूय sambhUya adverb collectively
सर्वशस् sarvazas adverb collectively
अपृथक् apRthak ind. collectively
सङ्घशस् saGghazas ind. collectively
सामगण sAmagaNa m. collectively
वैश्वानर vaizvAnara n. men collectively
देवतात् devatAt f. gods collectively
देवताति devatAti f. gods collectively
देवविशा devavizA f. gods collectively
धर्मोपदेश dharmopadeza m. laws collectively
औषध auSadha n. herbs collectively
पितृसामान्य pitRsAmAnya n. pitRs collectively
वैश्वावसव vaizvAvasava n. vasus collectively
करणग्राम karaNagrAma m. senses collectively
त्रिखट्व trikhaTva n.f. 3 beds collectively
पाञ्चालिका pAJcAlikA f. 64 arts collectively
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