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पक्व pakva adj. cooked
ओदन odana m. n. cooked rice
पत्नी भोजनम् अपचत् patnI bhojanam apacat sent. The wife cooked the meal.
अन्न anna n. cooked and ready-to-eat rice
अद्य प्रातराशः का? adya prAtarAzaH kA? sent. What have you cooked for breakfast?
अनेन व्यञ्जनं करणीयं आसीत् anena vyaJjanaM karaNIyaM AsIt sent. You should have cooked dry curry this way.
परिष्कृत pariSkRta adj. cooked
उपसम्पन्न upasampanna adj. cooked
उपसंस्कृत upasaMskRta adj. cooked
पचत pacata adj. cooked
पचत्य pacatya adj. cooked
पक्त्रिम paktrima adj. cooked
पाकिम pAkima adj. cooked
परिपाचित paripAcita adj. cooked
रन्धित randhita adj. cooked
श्राण zrANa adj. cooked
श्रीत zrIta adj. cooked
श्रोण zroNa adj. cooked
शृत zRta adj. cooked
सम्प्रसिद्ध samprasiddha adj. cooked
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