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कुतप kutapa m. daughter's son
पुत्रिकासुत putrikAsuta m. daughter's son
सूनु sUnu m. daughter's son
कन्यकापति kanyakApati m. daughter's husband
कन्यापति kanyApati m. daughter's husband
कन्याभर्तृ kanyAbhartR m. daughter's husband
दुहितुःपति duhituHpati m. daughter's husband
पुत्रिकाभर्तृ putrikAbhartR m. daughter's husband
यामातृ yAmAtR m. daughter's husband
विट्पति viTpati m. daughter's husband
सुतापति sutApati m. daughter's husband
दौहित्री dauhitrI f. daughter's daughter
दौहित्रवत् dauhitravat adj. having a daughter's son
दौहित्रायाण dauhitrAyANa m. son of a daughter's son
दौहित्रक dauhitraka adj. relating to a daughter's son
कन्याम् ददाति kanyAm dadAti verb consent for one's daughter's marriage  [ to the requester/suitor ]
दौहित्रदौहित्र dauhitradauhitra m. son of the daughter of the daughter's son
पुत्रिकापुन्त्र putrikApuntra m. daughter's son who by agreement or adoption becomes the son of her father
वैवाहिक vaivAhika m. son's father-in-law or a daughter's father-in-law i.e. the father of a son's wife or of a daughter's husband
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