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निर्देशिका nirdezikA f. director
निर्देशक nirdezaka m. director
विभाग vibhAga m. directory  [ computer ]
विभागपरम्परा vibhAgaparamparA f. directory tree  [ computer ]
विभागवंशवृक्ष vibhAgavaMzavRkSa m. directory tree  [ computer ]
विभागवृक्ष vibhAgavRkSa m. directory tree  [ computer ]
विभागचित्र vibhAgacitra n. directory tree  [ computer ]
मूल mUla n. root directory  [ computer ]
उपविभाग upavibhAga m. child directory  [ computer ]
कः निर्देशकः? kaH nirdezakaH? sent. Who is the director?
गतवर्षे तत्र निर्देशकः आसम् gatavarSe tatra nirdezakaH Asam sent. Last year I was the director there.
सञ्चालक saJcAlaka m. director
प्रशास्तृ prazAstR m. director
अध्यक्ष adhyakSa m. director  [ head of department ]
सञ्चालकप्रबन्ध saJcAlakaprabandha m. directorate
सञ्चालकवर्ग saJcAlakavarga m. directorate
प्रति-सञ्चालक prati-saJcAlaka m. deputy director
प्रबन्ध-सञ्चालक prabandha-saJcAlaka m. managing director
सञ्चालक - गण saJcAlaka - gaNa m. board of directors
सञ्चालक-गण saJcAlaka-gaNa m. board of directors
स्थापक sthApaka m. kind of stage-director
सूदाध्यक्ष sUdAdhyakSa m. director of the kitchen
वाचयितृ vAcayitR adj. the director of a recitation
कर्मकृतवत् karmakRtavat m. director of a religious rite
सूदाध्यक्ष sUdAdhyakSa m. director of cooking operations
कर्मठ karmaTha m. director and performer of a sacrifice
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