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भुक्ति bhukti m. eating
भक्षण bhakSaNa n. eating
भोजनं सिद्धं वा? शालायाः विलम्बः भवति bhojanaM siddhaM vA? zAlAyAH vilambaH bhavati sent. Have you finished eating? It is getting late for school.
भोगिन् bhogin adj. eating
भक्षिन् bhakSin adj. eating
अद ada adj. eating
अदक adaka adj. eating
अदत् adat adj. eating
अश्नत् aznat adj. eating
अश्नि azni adj. eating
आदिन् Adin adj. eating
आभोग Abhoga adj. eating
आभोगिन् Abhogin adj. eating
आभोजिन् Abhojin adj. eating
आशक Azaka adj. eating
आशिन् Azin adj. eating
आशिर Azira adj. eating
उपभोजिन् upabhojin adj. eating
कृतान्न kRtAnna adj. eating
खाद khAda adj. eating
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