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Recent entries into the dictionary:
परिसङ्ख्याना parisaGkhyAnA f. enumeration
परिगणना parigaNanA f. enumeration
सङ्गणना saGgaNanA f. enumeration
परिख्या parikhyA f. enumeration
विस्तार vistAra m. enumeration
समाम्नाय samAmnAya m. enumeration
विचय vicaya m. enumeration
उपादान upAdAna n. enumeration
गुणन guNana n. enumeration
परिख्यान parikhyAna n. enumeration
प्रसङ्ख्यान prasaGkhyAna n. enumeration
विधान vidhAna n. enumeration
सङ्ख्यान saGkhyAna n. enumeration
समाम्नान samAmnAna n. enumeration
समाम्नात samAmnAta n. enumeration
उपसङ्ख्यान upasaGkhyAna n. further enumeration
परिगणना parigaNanA f. complete enumeration
परिपाठ paripATha m. complete enumeration
यथासङ्ख्य yathAsaGkhya n. relative enumeration
सङ्ग्रहण saGgrahaNa n. complete enumeration
विशेषोक्ति vizeSokti f. enumeration of merits
परिख्या parikhyA f. exhaustive enumeration
युक्ति yukti f. enumeration of circumstances
पशुसमाम्नाय pazusamAmnAya m. enumeration of sacrificial animals
सङ्ग्रह saGgraha m. complete enumeration or collection
विस्तार vistAra m. detailed enumeration or description
गौण gauNa adj. relating to multiplication or enumeration
यथापाठ yathApATha adj. conformable to the enumeration or recitation
सङ्ख्यातानुदेश saGkhyAtAnudeza m. subsequent enumeration the members of which correspond successively to those of a previous one on
प्रस्तार prastAra m. representation or enumeration of all the possible combinations of certain given numbers or of short and long syllables in a metre
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