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पितृभगिनी pitRbhaginI f. father's sister
पितृष्वेसा pitRSvesA f. father's sister
पितरः पुत्राः च pitaraH putrAH ca expr. fathers and sons
पितृव्या pitRvyA f. father's brother's wife
पितर pitara m. fathers
स्वधाभुज svadhAbhuja m. fathers
पितृ pitR m. fathers  [ pl. ]
तततत tatatata m. father of fathers
द्वाज dvAja m. son of two fathers
पितृपक्ष pitRpakSa m. fathers or ancestors
पैतृष्वसेय paitRSvaseya m. father's sister's son
पितृतम pitRtama m. most fatherly of fathers
द्विपितृ dvipitR adj. having 2 fathers or ancestors
पूर्विण pUrviNa adj. derived from ancestors or fore-fathers
सुकृत् sukRt m. deceased fathers who enjoy the reward of virtue in the other world
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