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चालनी cAlanI f. filter
शोधनी zodhanI f. filter
शोधनी zodhanI f. tea filter
शोधिने चायकषाये किञ्चित् क्षीरं कृपया योजयतु zodhine cAyakaSAye kiJcit kSIraM kRpayA yojayatu sent. Please add little milk to the filtered tea decoction.
अहं निमेषद्वयस्य अनन्तरं चायकषायं शोधन्या शोधितवान् ahaM nimeSadvayasya anantaraM cAyakaSAyaM zodhanyA zodhitavAn sent. After two minutes I filtered the tea decoction using a filter.
कारोतर kArotara m. filter
सन्धि sandhi n. filter
जलपवित्र jalapavitra n. filter
शोधयति zodhayati verb filter
सम्मार्जति { सम्मृज् } sammArjati { sammRj } verb filter
सम्मार्जयति { सम्मृज् } sammArjayati { sammRj } verb filter
सम्मार्ष्टि { सम्मृज् } sammArSTi { sammRj } verb filter
सम्मृजति { सम्मृज् } sammRjati { sammRj } verb filter
सम्मर्जयति { सम्- मृज् } sammarjayati { sam- mRj } verb caus. filter
गालयति { गल् } gAlayati { gal } verb caus. filter
निपूत nipUta adj. filtered
सम्मृष्ट sammRSTa adj. filtered
वायु-पाव vAyu-pAva m. air filter  [ automotive ]
सुपरिस्रुत suparisruta adj. well-filtered
सुपरिस्रुत suparisruta adj. well filtered
फेनवाहिन् phenavAhin n. filtering cloth
दशापवित्र dazApavitra n. fringed filtering cloth
रवणक ravaNaka n. filter made of cane or bamboo
परिस्रावण parisrAvaNa n. straining or filtering vessel
फाण्ट phANTa adj. obtained by straining or filtering
परिस्रावकल्प parisrAvakalpa m. kind of straining or filtering vessel
कारोतर kArotara m. filtering vessel or a cloth used to purify the liquor called surA
फाण्ट phANTa m. pounded medicinal substances mixed with four parts of hot water and then filtered
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