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उत्तिष्ठति { उद् - स्था } uttiSThati { ud - sthA } verb rise  [ from bed ]
त्वत्तनात् tvattanAt indecl. from you
दूरम् dUram indecl. far from
अधस्तात् adhastAt adverb from below
भारतदेशात् bhAratadezAt ind. from India
उपरिष्टात् upariSTAt indecl. from above
कस्मात् kasmAt indecl. from whom?
अमेरिकादेशात् amerikAdezAt ind. from America
बहिष्टात् bahiSTAt indecl. from outside
गव्य gavya adj. got from a cow
दूरात् dUrAt indecl. from a distance
व्यभिचार vyabhicAra m. going away from
काले काले kAle kAle adverb from time to time
षद्वादनात् SadvAdanAt ind. from six o'clock on
पैतृक paitRka adj. coming from a father
श्वःप्रभृति zvaHprabhRti ind. from tomorrow onwards
अहं गृहतः आगच्छामि ahaM gRhataH AgacchAmi sent. I am coming from home.
भवान् कुतः आगच्छति? bhavAn kutaH Agacchati? sent. Where do you come from?
भवान् (भवती) कुतः आगच्छति? bhavAn (bhavatI) kutaH Agacchati? sent. Where are you coming from?
बहुकालतः तस्य वार्ता एव नास्ति bahukAlataH tasya vArtA eva nAsti sent. No news from him for days.
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