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अभिप्रसूत abhiprasUta adj. generated
उत्पादित utpAdita adj. generated
कृतजन्मन् kRtajanman adj. generated
समुपजनित samupajanita adj. generated
तनूनपात् tanUnapAt m. self-generated
अन्तर्भव antarbhava adj. generated internally
अयोनिज ayonija adj. generated equivocally
उत्पाद्यमान utpAdyamAna adj. being produced or generated
जनयितव्य janayitavya adj. to be generated or produced
सुराभाग surAbhAga m. scum generated while wine making
तृष्णा tRSNA f. generated by vedanA and generating upAdAna
कृमिकर्ण kRmikarNa m. worms or lice generated in the external ear
प्रसूतिवायु prasUtivAyu m. air generated in the womb during the pangs of childbirth
क्षीरकीट kSIrakITa m. insect or animalcule generated by the fermentation of milk
काली kAlI f. worm or animalcule generated in the acetous fermentation of milk
उडुम्बर uDumbara m. kind of worm supposed to be generated in the blood and to produce leprosy
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