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वसा vasA f. grease
स्नेह sneha m. grease
वश vaza n. grease
उपनक्ति { उपाञ्ज् } upanakti { upAJj } verb grease
उपाक्त upAkta adj. greased
स्नेहाक्त snehAkta adj. greased
वराहवसा varAhavasA f. hog's grease
घृत ghRta n. fluid grease
घृताची ghRtAcI f. shining like grease
घृतवर्ति ghRtavarti f. wick fed with grease
घृतमण्ड ghRtamaNDa m. fattiest part of grease
यावत्त्मूतम् yAvattmUtam ind. as far as soaked in grease
स्नेहसंस्कृत snehasaMskRta adj. prepared with oil or grease
पूर्णख pUrNakha adj. having its axle-hole well greased
स्नेहकुम्भ snehakumbha m. jug or receptacle for oil or grease
स्नेहभूमि snehabhUmi f. any substance yielding oil or grease
लेप lepa m. any grease or dirt sticking to vessels
पाञ्चप्रसृतिकी pAJcaprasRtikI f. mixture of 4 kinds of grease with grains of rice
पर्पट parpaTa m. kind of thin cake made of rice or pease-meal and baked in grease
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