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कार्यसमय kAryasamaya m. working hours
याममात्र yAmamAtra n. only three hours
पौरुष pauruSa m. period of 3 hours
प्रहरक praharaka m. striking the hours
घटीमाल ghaTImAla m. period of about 3 hours
प्रहरक praharaka m. period of about 3 hours
विषमभोजन viSamabhojana n. eating at irregular hours
यामा yAmA f. period or watch of 3 hours
कार्यान्तरसचिव kAryAntarasaciva m. associate of a prince in his leisure hours
द्वन्द dvanda m. clock or plate on which the hours are struck
प्रहरिन् praharin m. one who announces the hours by beating a gong
वासरकृत्य vAsarakRtya n. daily observances to be performed at fixed hours
यमेरुका yamerukA f. kind of drum or gong on which the hours are struck
यामावस्थित yAmAvasthita adj. standing ready at a certain place and at stated hours
यामघोष yAmaghoSa f. metal plate on which the night-watches or hours are struck
यामघोष yAmaghoSa f. drum or gong used for indicating hours at night by striking
क्षपा kSapA f. measure of time equivalent to a whole day of twenty-four hours
ज्योतिष jyotiSa n. short tract for fixing the days and hours of the Vedic sacrifices
यामकरेणुका yAmakareNukA f. female elephant standing ready at a certain place and at appointed hours
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