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कुत्र kutra indecl. where
कुत्र सः ? kutra saH ? sent. Where is he ?
त्वं कुत्र असि ? tvaM kutra asi ? sent. Where are you?
मशकजालः कुत्र? mazakajAlaH kutra? sent. Where is the mosquito net?
इदानीं कुत्र वासः? idAnIM kutra vAsaH? sent. Where are you put up?
कुत्र आसीद् भवान् ? kutra AsId bhavAn ? sent. Where were you?  [ masc. ]
स कुत्र गच्छति ? sa kutra gacchati ? sent. Where does he go?
अद्य त्वम् कुत्र असि? adya tvam kutra asi? sent. Where are you now?
कुत्र आसीद् भवती ? kutra AsId bhavatI ? sent. Where were you?  [ fem. ]
मौल्यमापनं कुत्र? maulyamApanaM kutra? sent. Where is valuation going to be?
तव निवासः कुत्र ? tava nivAsaH kutra ? sent. where is your residence?
भवान् कुत्र वसति ? bhavAn kutra vasati ? sent. Where do you reside?
इदानीं कुत्र उद्योगः? idAnIM kutra udyogaH? sent. Where do you work now?
इमां कुत्र क्रीतवती? imAM kutra krItavatI? sent. Where did you buy this?
तर्हि कुत्र दृष्टवान्? tarhi kutra dRSTavAn? sent. In that case where have I seen you?
चीटिकां कुत्र क्रीणामि? cITikAM kutra krINAmi? sent. Where shall I buy a ticket?
ह्यः त्वं कुत्र आसीः ? hyaH tvaM kutra AsIH ? sent. Where were you yesterday ?
भवान् कुत्र गच्छति ? bhavAn kutra gacchati ? sent. Where are you going?
भवतः लेखनी कुत्र? bhavataH lekhanI kutra? sent. Where is your pen?
कुत्र भवतः निवासः ? kutra bhavataH nivAsaH ? sent. Where is your residence?
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