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वंश्य vaMzya m. members of a family
विश्वाङ्ग्य vizvAGgya adj. being in all members
अजवस्ति ajavasti m. members of that tribe
पञ्चाङ्गादिक paJcAGgAdika adj. dealing with 5 members
अनुपूर्वगात्रता anupUrvagAtratA f. having regular members
रङ्ग raGga m. members of an assembly
कुटुम्ब kuTumba n. members of a household
उत्साहगात्रता utsAhagAtratA f. having vigorous members
षडङ्गजित् SaDaGgajit adj. subduing the six members
निरवयव niravayava adj. having no limbs or members
अङ्ग aGga adj. having members or divisions
अदीनगात्रता adInagAtratA f. having no defective members
पञ्चावयव paJcAvayava adj. consisting of 5 members or parts
सप्ताङ्ग saptAGga adj. consisting of 7 members or parts
त्रिक्रम trikrama m. krama word composed of 3 members
त्रिपिब tripiba adj. drinking with 3 members of the body
अष्टाङ्ग aSTAGga adj. consisting of eight parts or members
साष्टङ्ग sASTaGga adj. performed with eight limbs or members
सङ्गति saGgati f. one of the 5 members of an adhikaraNa
अधिकाङ्ग adhikAGga adj. having some redundant member or members
सत्याङ्ग satyAGga adj. having parts or members formed of truth
अष्टिन् aSTin adj. consisting of eight members or syllables
पञ्चक्रम paJcakrama m. particular krama consisting of 5 members
एकावयव ekAvayava adj. made up of the same members or constituent parts
देवताद्वन्द्व devatAdvandva n. compound whose members are two or more names of deities
स्वचरणपर्षद् svacaraNaparSad f. college or community of members of one's own caraNa or sect
न्यून nyUna n. want or omission of one of the 5 members in a nyAya argument
चितिघन citighana m. total amount of all the members of an arithmetical progression
वर्णसंसर्ग varNasaMsarga m. matrimonial connection or marriage with members of other castes
शिथिल zithila n. particular separation of the terms or members of a logical series
पञ्चाङ्ग paJcAGga n. 5 members or parts of the body ; 5 parts of a tree ; 5 modes of devotion
अङ्गाङ्गिभाव aGgAGgibhAva m. mutual relation or correlation of the different limbs or members of anything
सङ्ख्यातानुदेश saGkhyAtAnudeza m. subsequent enumeration the members of which correspond successively to those of a previous one on
सावित्र sAvitra n. initiation into membership of the twice-born classes by reciting the sAvitri verse and investing with the sacred thread
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