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टिप्पणीं लिखन्तु TippaNIM likhantu sent. Please take the notes.
टिप्पणीं किञ्चित् ददाति वा? TippaNIM kiJcit dadAti vA? sent. Would you kindly lend me your notes?
पत्रमुद्रा - परिचलन patramudrA - paricalana n. circulation of notes
मधुरालाप madhurAlApa m. sweet or melodious notes
अतिस्वार्य atisvArya adj. the last of the seven notes
शकुनरुतज्ञान zakunarutajJAna n. knowledge of the notes of birds
गान्धार gAndhAra m. third of the 7 primary notes of music
औडव auDava m. mode which consists of five notes only
ओडव oDava m. mode which consists of five notes only
तानकर्मन् tAnakarman n. running over the notes to catch the key
तारस्थान tArasthAna n. place in the gamut for the treble notes
ऋषभ RSabha m. second of the seven notes of the Hindu gamut
सम्पूर्ण sampUrNa m. scale which comprehends all the notes of the gamut
जलतरङ्ग jalataraGga m. metal cup filled with water producing musical notes
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