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मौखिकी maukhikI adj. f. oral
आलिखति Alikhati verb write down an orally dictated manuscript
मौख maukha adj. oral
मौखिक maukhika adj. orally
शब्द zabda m. oral tradition
प्रवचन pravacana n. oral instruction
शाब्द zAbda adj. expressed in words oral
मौख maukha adj. based on oral instruction
श्रुत zruta n. oral tradition or revelation
श्रोत्रपरम्परा zrotraparamparA f. successive oral report or hearsay
शब्दार्थ zabdArtha m. sense or meaning of oral tradition
शब्दप्रमाण zabdapramANa n. verbal testimony or proof. oral evidence
श्रुत zruta adj. orally transmitted or communicated from age to age
श्रुत्यानर्थक्य zrutyAnarthakya n. uselessness of the veda or of oral sacred tradition
शब्दार्थारम्भण zabdArthArambhaNa adj. beginning with the meaning or force of oral tradition
श्रुततस् zrutatas ind. with regard to orally transmitted knowledge or tradition
श्रुति zruti f. sacred knowledge orally transmitted by the Brahmans from generation to generation
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