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शंशकालिक zaMzakAlika m. part-time
कालविभक्ति kAlavibhakti f. section or part of time
कलध्वनि kaladhvani m. particular time
वसन्त vasanta m. particular time
ललितताल lalitatAla m. particular time
एकतालिका ekatAlikA f. particular time
इडावत् iDAvat adj. particular time
एकताली ekatAlI f. particular time
निर्गमनसमय nirgamanasamaya m. time of departure
प्रयाणकाल prayANakAla m. time of departure
लक्ष्मीकल्प lakSmIkalpa m. particular period of time
परा parA f. particular measure of time
विघटिका vighaTikA f. particular measure of time
पल pala n. particular measure of time
उदयप्राण udayaprANa m. particular measure of time
पानीयपल pAnIyapala n. particular measure of time
कीर्ति kIrti f. particular measure or time
निर्गमनसमयः षड्वादनम् अस्ति nirgamanasamayaH SaDvAdanam asti sent. Departure time is six o'clock.
प्रविपल pravipala n. particular minute division of time
मौहूर्तिक mauhUrtika adj. relating to a particular time or hour
विषनाडी viSanADI f. particular inauspicious period of time
वेध vedha m. particular measure or division of time
वर्तते { वृत् } vartate { vRt } verb 1 be or exist or live at a particular time
लेश leza m. particular division or short space of time
कालीन kAlIna adj. belonging or relating to any particular time
तात्कालिक tAtkAlika adj. relating to or fit for a particular moment of time
ध्रुव dhruva m. introductory verse of a song or a particular time or measure
कालवेला kAlavelA f. particular time of the day at which any religious act is improper
उदयान्तर udayAntara n. particular correction for calculating the real time of a planet's rising
सन्धिवेला sandhivelA f. any period or time which connects parts of the day or night or fortnight
लुङ् luG aorist - past action indefinitely, without reference to any particular time  [ gramm. - Sanskrit ]
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