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मूर्तिमत् mUrtimat adj. personified
मुद् mud f. joy personified
द्वापर dvApara m. Die personified
सूर्यनारायण sUryanArAyaNa m. Sun personified
उच्चदेवता uccadevatA f. time personified
कालमूर्ति kAlamUrti f. time personified
कालपुरुष kAlapuruSa m. time personified
भय bhaya m. Fear personified
वत्सर vatsara m. Year personified
वेदपुरुष vedapuruSa m. veda personified
संवत्सर saMvatsara m. Year personified
योग yoga m. Yoga personified
सङ्कल्प saGkalpa m. Will personified
दोषा doSA f. Night personified
कृतान्त kRtAnta m. death personified
छन्दःपुरुष chandaHpuruSa m. metre personified
मृत्यु mRtyu m. Death personified
लोकपुरुष lokapuruSa m. World personified
ऋत Rta n. truth personified
वाच् vAc f. Speech personified
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