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बहुत्र bahutra indecl. in many places
त्रिस्थली tristhalI f. 3 places
त्रिधा tridhA ind. in 3 places
विमयते { विमे } vimayate { vime } verb change places
स्थानविद् sthAnavid adj. knowing places
अनेकत्र anekatra ind. in many places
उभयत्र ubhayatra ind. in both places
त्रिधा tridhA ind. in three places
त्रिणत triNata adj. bent in 3 places
क्व kva ind. in various places
उपयुक्त स्थान upayukta sthAna n. appropriate places
द्वेसत dvesata adj. in two places equal
द्विष्ठ dviSTha adj. staying in 2 places
सर्वदेश्य sarvadezya adj. being in all places
यथादेशम् yathAdezam ind. according to places
कतिधा katidhA indecl. in how many places?
कायारोहण kAyArohaNa n. two names of places
कायावरोहण kAyAvarohaNa n. two names of places
देशज्ञ dezajJa adj. familiar with places
त्रेधाभाव tredhAbhAva m. dwelling in 3 places
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