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Recent entries into the dictionary:
पुरोगव purogava m. one who precedes
गतानुगतिक gatAnugatika adj. following what precedes
परिग्रह parigraha m. form which precedes iti
गतानुगत gatAnugata n. following what precedes
पूर्वग pUrvaga adj. belonging to what precedes
पूर्वाभ्यास pUrvAbhyAsa m. repetition of what precedes
वर्तते { वृत् } vartate { vRt } verb 1 be supplied from what precedes
अमुत्र amutra ind. there i.e. in what precedes or has been said
श्रवणापक्ष zravaNApakSa m. fortnight that precedes the zravaNA full moon
गातानुगतिक gAtAnugatika adj. caused by following or imitating what precedes
सन्ध्या sandhyA f. period which precedes a yuga or age of the world
यथासूक्ष्म yathAsUkSma adj. behaving in such a way as that the smaller precedes
पर्याहाव paryAhAva m. particular formula which precedes and follows a verse
मनःपर्याय manaHparyAya m. state of mental perception which precedes the attainment of perfect knowledge
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