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दैव्यहोतृ daivyahotR m. divine priests
चातुर्होत्र cAturhotra n. 4 chief priests
पञ्चहोतृ paJcahotR adj. attended by 5 priests
आगुर् Agur f. approving exclamation  [ used by the priests at sacrificial rites ]
आर्यगण AryagaNa m. whole body of priests
आर्यसङ्घ AryasaGgha m. whole body of priests
होतापोतारौ hotApotArau m. hotR and potR priests
ब्रह्मपुरोहित brahmapurohita m. high priests of brahmA
ब्रह्ममुख brahmamukha adj. preceded by the priests
चातुर्होत्रिय cAturhotriya adj. attended by 4 chief priests
सप्तहोतृ saptahotR adj. having 7 sacrificial priests
उद्गातृ udgAtR m. one of the four chief-priests
चातुर्होत्र cAturhotra n. duties of the 4 chief priests
चातुर्होत्र cAturhotra adj. performed by the 4 chief priests
चातुर्होत्र cAturhotra n. sacrifice performed by 4 priests
ब्रह्माद्य brahmAdya adj. to be eaten by priests or Brahmans
किलाताकुली kilAtAkulI m. two asura priests kilAta and Akuli
ससुत्वन् sasutvan adj. accompanied by soma-offering priests
षोडशर्त्विक्क्रतु SoDazartvikkratu m. grand sacrifice performed by 16 priests
मठस्थिति maThasthiti adj. staying or residing in a college of priests
यज्ञदक्षिणा yajJadakSiNA f. fee given to priests for performing a sacrifice
ब्राह्मौदनिक brAhmaudanika m. fire on which the rice for the priests is boiled
विप्रराय viprarAya n. kingdom or sovereignty of the Brahman or priests
अन्वाहार्य anvAhArya m. sacrificial gift or offering presented to priests
व्रतिन् vratin m. one who institutes a sacrifice and employs priests
सर्ववेदस sarvavedasa adj. giving all one's property to priests after a sacrifice
सुब्रह्मण्या subrahmaNyA f. particular recitation of certain mantras by the udgAtR priests
सर्ववेदस् sarvavedas m. one who gives away all his property to the priests after a sacrifice
अनुवचन anuvacana n. recitation of certain texts in conformity with injunctions spoken by other priests
पूर्णपात्र pUrNapAtra n. vessel full of rice presented at a sacrifice to the superintending and officiating priests
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