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कः समयः? kaH samayaH? sent. What is the time?
इदानीं समयः अतीतः idAnIM samayaH atItaH sent. It is getting late.
स्थातुं समयः नास्ति sthAtuM samayaH nAsti sent. No time to stay.
कः समयः इति जानाति वा? kaH samayaH iti jAnAti vA? sent. Do you know what time it is now?
इदानीं वा, समयः नास्ति भोः idAnIM vA, samayaH nAsti bhoH sent. Now? No time, you know.
समयः स्नानभोजनं सेवितुम् samayaH snAnabhojanaM sevitum sent. It is high time to bathe and take meals.
भवतः आकाशवाणी समयः वा? bhavataH AkAzavANI samayaH vA? sent. Is yours the radio time?
इदानीं यथार्थः समयः कः? idAnIM yathArthaH samayaH kaH? sent. What is the exact time now?
समयः कथम् अतिशीघ्रेन गत samayaH katham atizIghrena gata m. How quickly time has passed!
समयः कथं अतिशीघ्रं अतीतः! samayaH kathaM atizIghraM atItaH! sent. How quickly the time passed!
कर्तुं शक्यं, किञ्चित् समयः अपेक्षते kartuM zakyaM, kiJcit samayaH apekSate sent. It is possible to do it, but requires some time.
कार्यालयतः तस्य आगमन समयः एषः kAryAlayataH tasya Agamana samayaH eSaH sent. It is time he comes from the office.
उचितः समयः ucitaH samayaH m. high time
इतोऽपि समयः अस्ति किल? ito'pi samayaH asti kila? sent. There is still time, isn't it?
स्थातुं मम समयः नास्ति sthAtuM mama samayaH nAsti sent. I don't have time to stay
इतोऽपि यथेष्टं समयः अस्ति ito'pi yatheSTaM samayaH asti sent. Still there is a lot of time.
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