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सुपर्वन् suparvan adj. having beautiful sections  [ e.g. books ]
शतकाण्ड zatakANDa adj. having a hundred sections
त्रिशतंषष्टिपर्वन् trizataMSaSTiparvan adj. consisting of 360 sections
अष्टधा aSTadhA ind. in eight parts or sections
स्वल्पतन्त्र svalpatantra adj. consisting of short sections
चातुष्टय cAtuSTaya adj. versed in the sUtras consisting of 4 sections
चतुष्टय catuSTaya n. collection of sUtras consisting of 4 sections
सर्गबन्ध sargabandha m. any poem or composition divided into sections or chapters
अंशावतरन aMzAvatarana n. title of sections 64-67 of the first book of the Mahabharata
शतपथब्राह्मण zatapathabrAhmaNa n. brAhmaNa with a hundred paths or sections of a well-known brAhmaNa attached to the vAjasaneyisaMhitA or White yajurveda
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