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Recent entries into the dictionary:
सामान्यानि वाक्यानि sAmAnyAni vAkyAni n. pl. ordinary sentences
सङ्कीर्णानि वाक्यानि saGkIrNAni vAkyAni n. pl. miscellaneous sentences
सरलानि वाक्यानि saralAni vAkyAni n. pl. simple sentences
गदा gadA f. series of sentences
पर्यायशस् paryAyazas ind. by phrases or sentences
कोश koza m. collection of sentences
वाक्यसङ्कीर्ण vAkyasaGkIrNa n. confusion of two sentences
समुच्चय samuccaya m. conjunction of words or sentences
वाक्यपद्धति vAkyapaddhati f. manner or rule of constructing sentences
वाक्यरचना vAkyaracanA f. arrangement or construction of sentences
वाक्यमाला vAkyamAlA f. connection or sequence of several sentences
समाहार samAhAra m. conjunction or connecting of words or sentences
पर्यायसूक्त paryAyasUkta n. hymn with regularly recurring phrases or sentences
हुम् hum ind. mystical syllable used in spells and magical texts or sentences
अपर apara adj. Sometimes apara is used as a conjunction to connect words or sentences e.g. aparaMca, moreover
वैखरी vaikharI f. that utterance of sounds or words which is complete as consisting of full and intelligible sentences
एकावलि ekAvali f. series of sentences where the subject of each following sentence has some characteristic of the predicate of the preceding one
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