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अचिरेण acireNa indecl. soon
अञ्जसा aJjasA indecl. soon
झटिति jhaTiti indecl. soon
अचिरदर्शनाय aciradarzanAya sentence See you soon.
भवान् शीघ्रं प्रत्यागच्छति वा? bhavAn zIghraM pratyAgacchati vA? sent. Are you going to be back soon?
गमनात् अनुक्षणमेव पत्रं लिखतु gamanAt anukSaNameva patraM likhatu sent. Write as soon as you reach there.
बहिः गतवान् , इदानीं आगच्छति bahiH gatavAn , idAnIM Agacchati sent. He has gone out, he will be back soon.
अचिर acira adj. soon
शीघ्रम् zIghram adverb soon
नचिरात् nacirAt adverb soon
द्राक् drAk ind. soon
नचिराय nacirAya ind. soon
नातिचिरे nAticire ind. soon
पुरा purA ind. soon
द्रूतम् drUtam indecl. soon
अचिरात् acirAt indecl. soon
अह्नाय ahnAya indecl. soon
नचिरेण nacireNa indecl. soon
मक्षू makSU indecl. soon
अदूर adUra n. soon
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