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यथार्थं वदामि yathArthaM vadAmi sent. I am telling the truth.
अहं कथं वदामि ahaM kathaM vadAmi sent. How can I say when?
त्वां धन्यं वदामि tvAM dhanyaM vadAmi sent. Thank you!
तत्र अहं किमपि न वदामि tatra ahaM kimapi na vadAmi sent. I do not want to say anything in this regard .
अस्मिन् विषये अनन्तरं वदामि asmin viSaye anantaraM vadAmi sent. I'll tell you about it later.
अहं किमर्थं असत्यं वदामि? ahaM kimarthaM asatyaM vadAmi? sent. Why should I tell a lie?
कः दूरवाणीं कृतवान् इति वदामि? kaH dUravANIM kRtavAn iti vadAmi? sent. Who shall I say phoned him up?
अहम् तां किमपि न वदामि । प्रयोजनम् किम् ? aham tAM kimapi na vadAmi | prayojanam kim ? sent. I don't say anything to her. What is the point?
तस्मात् कारणात् एव अहम् वदामि तया सह मा गच्छतु इति tasmAt kAraNAt eva aham vadAmi tayA saha mA gacchatu iti sent. For that reason only I am saying do not go with her.
वदामि { वद् } vadAmi { vad } verb I say
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