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मम भ्राता जीवितसंशये वर्तते mama bhrAtA jIvitasaMzaye vartate sent. It is doubtful whether my brother will survive.
किस् kis ind. whether
कुविद् kuvid ind. whether
यद्वा ... यदि वा yadvA ... yadi vA conj. whether ... or
किन्तराम् kintarAm ind. whether? whether of two?
किन्तमाम् kintamAm ind. whether? whether of many?
विद्या vidyA f. any knowledge whether true or false
सुखसुप्तिकाप्रश्न sukhasuptikAprazna m. question whether any one has slept well
सुखशयितप्रच्छक sukhazayitapracchaka adj. inquiring whether any one has slept well
सौखशायनिक saukhazAyanika adj. one who asks another whether he has slept well
सौखरात्रिक saukharAtrika adj. one who asks another whether he has had a good night
सौखशायिक saukhazAyika m. official who asks a prince whether he has slept well
चराचर carAcara n. aggregate of all created things whether animate or inanimate
सौस्नातिक sausnAtika adj. one who asks whether an ablution has been successful or auspicious
स्ववासिनी svavAsinI f. woman whether married or unmarried who continues to dwell after maturity in her father's house
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