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कतमं गृहम् ? katamaM gRham ? n. which house?
कस्यां कक्ष्यायाम् kasyAM kakSyAyAm sent. In which class?
उच्छैः ucchaiH indecl. which can be heard
श्वः किम् दिनम् इति जानासि ? zvaH kim dinam iti jAnAsi ? sent. Do you know which day is tomorrow?
देवनागरी devanAgarI f. the script in which Sanskrit is written
यक yaka adj. which
कतमा katamA f which
यद् yad ind. which
यत् yat indecl. which
कतमः katamaH m. which
कतमम् katamam n. which
किम् kim indecl. which?
अभिनिष्टान abhiniSTAna m. Visarga  [ 'sound which dies away' ]
प्रतिमुख pratimukha n. Epitasis  [ part of a play in which the main action develops ]
केनापि kenApi ind. whichever
यद् yad ind. whichever
यादृक्ष yAdRkSa adj. which like
यादृश् yAdRz adj. which like
यस्मात् yasmAt ind. from which
यद् तद् yad tad adverb whichsoever
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