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कस्मै kasmai indecl. for whom?
कस्मात् kasmAt indecl. from whom?
एतत् कस्मै दादव्यं मया? etat kasmai dAdavyaM mayA? sent. To whom should this be given by me?
यत्कृते yatkRte indecl. for whom
कुतस् kutas ind. from whom?
यदीय yadIya adj. relating to whom
यन्मूर्धन् yanmUrdhan adj. the head of whom
येन yena ind. by whom or by which
विषमृत्यु viSamRtyu m. to whom poison is death
अतिथिग्व atithigva m. to whom guests should go
पुत्रजात putrajAta adj. one to whom a son is born
ऋणकाति RNakAti m. one to whom praise is due
ध्रुवसिद्धि dhruvasiddhi m. through whom cure is sure
आमन्त्रित Amantrita adj. one of whom leave is taken
किमीय kimIya adj. belonging to whom or what?
कृतानति kRtAnati adj. one to whom homage is paid
यन्मूल yanmUla adj. dependent on whom or which
भागधेय bhAgadheya m. one to whom a share is due
भूयते { भू } bhUyate { bhU } verb pass. by whom it will be existed  [ i.e. who will be ]
घ्रिताहुत ghritAhuta adj. one to whom ghee is offered
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