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परि pari adverb about  [ with respect to space and time ]
मध्ये madhye indecl. within
विना vinA indecl. without
आनन्देन Anandena adverb with joy
उद्धरति / -ते { उद्- धृ } uddharati / -te { ud- dhR } verb 1 withdraw  [ e.g foot, water ]
सलीलम् salIlam indecl. with ease
म्लान mlAna n. withering
मिथुनी भवति { भू } mithunI bhavati { bhU } verb 1 mate with  [ with instr. ]
चमसेन camasena adverb with spoon
श्रद्धया zraddhayA adverb with faith
विकर्ष vikarSa m. withdrawal
प्रत्याहरण pratyAharaNa n. withdrawal
आहरण AharaNa n. withdrawal
सहित sahita adj. together with
विगुण viguNa adj. without merit
सह saha indecl. together with
सम्बद्ध sambaddha adj. connected with
सुखेन sukhena adverb with happiness
दक्षिणहस्तेन dakSiNahastena adverb with right hand
दुःखेन duHkhena adverb with difficulty
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