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निकृष्टतम nikRSTatama adj. worst
अधम adhama adj. worst
कष्ट kaSTa adj. worst
गरिष्ठ gariSTha adj. worst
जघन्य jaghanya adj. worst
परम parama adj. worst
पापिष्ठ pApiSTha adj. worst
अधर adhara adj. worsted
अधरीकृत adharIkRta adj. worsted
अधरीभूत adharIbhUta adj. worsted
चाण्डाल cANDAla m. worst among
परमतस् paramatas ind. worst of all
पर para adj. best or worst
पुरुषाधम puruSAdhama m. worst of servants
हीन hIna adj. defeated or worsted
हीनवादिन् hInavAdin adj. defeated or worsted
तज्जघन्य tajjaghanya adj. the worst among them
कष्टतर kaSTatara adj. worse than the worst
कष्टात्कष्टम् kaSTAtkaSTam indecl. worse than the worst
कष्ट kaSTa n. worse than the worst
अधमाधम adhamAdhama adj. worst among the inferior
सुराधम surAdhama m. lowest or worst of the gods
अधरसपत्न adharasapatna adj. whose enemies are worsted or silenced
कलि kali m. worst of a class or number of objects
समानोत्तममध्यमाधम samAnottamamadhyamAdhama adj. one to whom the best and the middle and worst are all the same
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