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यथा yathA indecl. for instance
यथा भवान् इच्छति yathA bhavAn icchati sent. As you wish.
यथा भवान् इच्छति yathA bhavAn icchati sent. I am game for whatever you say.
यथा पिता तथा पुत्रः. yathA pitA tathA putraH. sent. Like the father, so the son.
यथा भवान् इच्छति तथा yathA bhavAn icchati tathA sent. As you wish / say.
यथा yathA adverb than  [ comparison ]
यथा yathA conj. so that
यथा yathA conj. in order that
यथा yathA f. according to
यथा yathA ind as
यथा yathA ind. namely
यथा yathA ind. because
यथा yathA ind. properly
यथा yathA ind. according as
यथा yathA ind. correctly
यथा yathA ind. since
यथा yathA ind. according to what is right
यथा yathA ind. in which manner or way
यथा yathA ind. that
यथा yathA ind. as it is or was
यथा yathA ind. like
यथा yathA ind. as soon as
यथा yathA indecl. just as
यथा yathA indecl. as if
यथा हि yathA hi according as
तद् यथा tad yathA adverb in such a manner as follows
तद् यथा tad yathA adverb namely
यथा शक्य yathA zakya ind. as far as possible
यथा-स्थित yathA-sthita ind. as it stood
यथा भवते रोचते yathA bhavate rocate sent. at your convenience
यथा भवते रोचते yathA bhavate rocate sent. at your leisure
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