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अनुजा anujA f. younger sister
कनिष्ठ kaniSTha m. younger brother
अनुज anuja m. younger brother
देवर devara m. husband's younger brother
भवतः अनुजायाः कति वर्षाणि? bhavataH anujAyAH kati varSANi? sent. How old is your younger sister?
देवरपत्नी devarapatnI f. husband's younger brother's wife
अहो, सः तस्य भार्यायाः परः किम्? aho, saH tasya bhAryAyAH paraH kim? sent. Oh, is he younger than his wife?
कनीयस् kanIyas adj. younger
अनुज anuja adj. younger
अनुजात anujAta adj. younger
अवर avara adj. younger
अवरज avaraja adj. younger
अवरवयस् avaravayas adj. younger
कनीयस kanIyasa adj. younger
कन्यस kanyasa adj. younger
नवतर navatara adj. younger
यवीयस् yavIyas adj. younger
अनुजन्मन् anujanman m. younger
कनिष्ठ kaniSTha adj. younger born
कनिष्ठा kaniSThA f. younger wife
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